Senior living communities will endear the use of Aleydis Centers as the standard allowing them to offer onsite care by visiting providers.
Care currently given to residents in Assisted Living Facilities (ALF) is not to the standard, is burdensome, costly, and without emphasis on infection control.
Advantages of an Aleydis Center:
  • Consistent and predictable work environment in every facility.
  • Focused towards increased access to treatment and infection control.
  • Allows for a multi-function treatment center.
  • Resident treatment and experience increased.
  • Facility expense control.
  • Marketing tool for facilities offering tours to residents and their family members.
  • New revenue source for owner/ operators of communities through room use fees.
  • Showroom - St Joseph, MI in a PACE center
  • Free design help for new and existing space.
  • Lead times 4-6 weeks for production and implementation.
The return on investment for an Aleydis Center will be realized quickly, the most obvious benefit is market advantage.


Aleydis Centers LLC has the mission of increasing access to care while decreasing costs for certain segments of the population.  It is a radical new way of delivering care on site with the patient as the focus.  The Aleydis Center will be the hub where various providers of care will deliver treatment. An Aleydis Center can be designed to fit an existing facility or new construction.

A facility with an Aleydis Center will give the resident and their family members the assurance that care is given to the highest standard, with dignity, and with the necessary infection controls. As individuals evaluate facilities for themselves or family members, the presence of an Aleydis Center will be crucial.
For Assisted Living Care Facilities (ALFs) it will become the number one amenity that could be offered. Families will no longer be repeatedly burdened with transportation costs, adjunct care giver costs, and the need to coordinate the many off site visits.